Standard Terms and Conditions

I specialise in helping those who cannot get legal aid or afford solicitors. You cannot get legal aid for this type of legal work.
If you are going into business either to sell goods or provide services, it is highly desirable to have a set of standard terms and conditions.
For instance you might wish to avoid being sued. Or, if sued, be sued in a particular place and subject to the law of a particular country.
You are likely to want to describe the goods or services to be provided and you may also wish to include warranties or terms that deal with delivery, refunds, time limits, mode of communication, termination, amendments, severance and indemnity.
Your standard terms can be used to limit liability.


  • Standard terms cannot be used in all circumstances to exclude liability completely in contract or negligence or for misrepresentation but they can be used to limit liability and/or reduce any compensation to a dissatisfied customer or client.
  • The Unfair Contract Terms Act 1977 will apply to anyone in business and prevent them from effectively relying on unfair, unreasonable or onerous terms.
  • It is obviously desirable to avoid being caught by this Act.
  • You cannot foresee every eventuality.
  • Your Standard terms should, however, be concise but comprehensive!
  • Thus having effective or enforceable standard terms and conditions is more than essential.
  • The drafting of them is a skilled job.

You cannot get legal aid for any of the types of claim listed under “Services”, so you might like to see my section on “McKenzie Friend”.