In 1989 Laurence Kingsley’s experience as a solicitor led him to write “Why my case might take longer than I expect”, an amusing short story illustrating often met delays, which prolong litigation and still persist under the new Civil Procedure Rules. It is a fictitious case and tells of the delays encountered by a portrait artist, who sues his subject for non- payment of his fee.

Then in 1997 in order to assist the layman he wrote “Taking Your Own Legal Action” with a foreword by Lord Woolf, then Master of the Rolls and later Lord Chief Justice. The object of the book is to provide a guide through the minefield of civil procedure and to indicate and simplify the main rules likely to affect the litigant in person. It also helps the layman to identify the relevant law and to ascertain his or her legal rights. It sets out remedies and incorporates advice on how to settle a case and how to write letters. It also contains many useful precedents. In his foreword Lord Woolf  said: “It is written in clear and readily understandable language …. it will help the non-lawyer to conduct litigation without expensive assistance. In this way it will improve access to justice.”

His second major book “You and Your Solicitor”, which was published in 1999 with a foreword by Martin Mears, former President of the Law Society, describes the client/solicitor relationship uniquely from the layman’s standpoint. In his forward Martin Mears, President of the Law Society, wrote “There is … no comparable book which covers so much ground so readably. It does more than fill a void.”