Mission Statement

Brevity, Clarity and Simplicity

Laurence Kingsley has been a lawyer for over 40 years and has practised both as a Barrister- at-Law and as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court. He may now be consulted directly without the need for any intermediary.

In accordance with his motto, he likes to keep it simple and believes that too many lawyers perform a disservice to both their clients and others by their failure to clarify what they mean and what they seek in simple English. You will never be able to level this charge against Laurence Kingsley! If you wish, you may challenge him to reduce in length the letters or draft contracts of others without any loss of meaning – provided only that he is able to discern the writer’s intentions!!

Recent Successes

Laurence Kingsley succeeded in persuading a leading firm of solicitors in a matter of weeks to make a substantial settlement of damages in a tripping accident, where his client’s previous solicitors had given the case up as completely hopeless after a year’s work! In another case, it took him just three letters to persuade an insurer to accept liability, which they had been vigorously denying for six months before he took over.

Making Legal History

In the 70ies he drafted the cause of action (i.e. claim) and appeared in the High Court for the plaintiff in the case of Collard v Saunders, which was the first case where a plaintiff succeeded in recovering damages for a nervous breakdown as a result of a breach of contract as opposed to some form of negligence. In this case, the defendant, who was actually a solicitor, had negligently obtained a survey from an unqualified surveyor.

The Arbitrator

Laurence Kingsley was admitted as an Associate Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in June 1985, since which time he has been and remains available to arbitrate any civil dispute between two or more parties, thereby saving substantial legal costs.

The Mediator

For many years Alternative Dispute Resolution by means of mediation (ADR) has become more and more popular with litigants and been actively encouraged by the judiciary. The mediator brings together the warring parties by listening to their wishes and objectives and by patience and persuasion obtains their consent to a mutually satisfactory agreement, the terms of which at all times remain confidential.
Laurence Kingsley is available to mediate your dispute.

The Writer

“I can’t stand legalese or jargon and I only use Latin with other lawyers. As I am unimpressed by lawyers, who fence-sit rather than give their honest opinion, I try to see things in black and white. I shall therefore invariably commit myself to an honest opinion, using plain language.”

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