Legal Aid

“I cannot bear to see persons with just claims or defences suffering through lack of legal knowledge.”

Laurence Kingsley specialises in helping those, who cannot get legal aid or afford solicitors.

Leaving aside serious crime and cases where your home is at risk you might possibly get legal aid for family matters involving violence or other claims involving sexual or racial discrimination.  Apart from this there is really nothing left of legal aid from the state.

For example, take debt.  Let’s assume you own your own home and are not behind with your mortgage, you might just be able to get legal aid to defend the claim provided you earn less than £2,657 a month, have no savings and are on benefits!!

Take another example: family proceedings.  If you are not being abused and do not need protection but are simply splitting up and have a dispute over children, money or property, it is most unlikely that you will qualify for legal aid.

You cannot get legal aid for the most common types of claim such as accidents or defective goods or poor services let alone libel or slander and malicious falsehood.

In short, there is now nothing left of civil legal aid for any normal claim. You cannot get legal aid for any of the types of claim listed under “Services

So if you cannot get legal aid, see Litigants in Person (LIPs) or “McKenzie Friend