Have you recently had an accident?

Have you been hurt at work?  Were you in a motor accident?  Were you bitten by a dog?  Did you suffer an injury in someone else’s house or premises?  Or even hurt yourself just tripping over on the pavement?  The possibilities are virtually endless and the field of personal injuries is very wide!!


Your injury may have been due to a one-off incident or may have been caused by exposure to a harmful environment over a period of years.  Previously you could simply sue for the injury but nowadays there are all sorts of hoops, through which one has to jump – from getting a medical report to complying with all types of protocol and all this before time runs out, which is normally only three years.


What about health and safety?  When can the culprit’s criminal conviction be helpful in your own civil action?  When does a protocol not apply?  Does one sue for breach of a statutory duty or breach of some statutory regulations or simply for common law negligence or both?  Was the injury cause by a trespass or by a nuisance?   Does res ipsa loquitur apply?  These and other problems result in claims for damages for personal injury no longer being as straightforward as they used to be.


Laurence Kingsley has frequently dealt with these situations and may well be able to simplify things for you and assist you to obtain substantial damages!