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Laurence Kingsley,
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My work ethic is:
"Striving to achieve justice for you"

Why use Laurence Kingsley?

Experience, expertise and equity!

I was a practising barrister generalising in all branches of law, save for tax, from 1964 to 1983 and set up my own chambers in the Temple in 1976. Between 1983 and 1984, whilst re-qualifying as a solicitor, I was a litigation consultant for several firms of solicitors. I then became a solicitor with my own firm from June 1984 until 1995, since which time have been a litigation consultant.

Unlike many lawyers, Laurence Kingsley will:

Deal with all aspects of your case personally without delay
Think “out of the box” by virtue of his extensive experience of the numerous areas of law listed under “Services”
Not delegate your case or any aspect of it to anyone else
Charge less than most solicitors

I believe that: brevity, clarity and simplicity are the hallmarks of the skilled pleader!